It seems like just yesterday that I originated Maggie’s mortgage loan back in 2001. This was the year I first started my lending career back in the old Washington Mutual days, popularly known as WaMu. During this early era where at minimum 680 FICOs, W2’s & pay-stubs were a norm to pre-qualify for a mortgage loan, so was the lobby full of coffee and pastries to welcome our retail customers.

Early on I learned that regardless of the brand recognition or company; it’s really up to you to make an impact in the workplace. The biggest lesson here was that your customers will always come first, always.

This opportunity to have served a client since 2001, through the highs and lows, the real estate climate changes, and an array of life’s unpredictabilities, is truly a testament that client relations are meant to last a lifetime.

Maggie, a client of TRG® Mortgage, said it best, “It’s nice to see you both after all these years!”. The other very important person she’s referring to, that’s not pictured here, is my wife Angelica Rodriguez who has processed several of her loans. There is something even more interesting about our client Maggie, is that she has been in consumer banking for over 25 years. Trust me, she’s about receiving service, being provided options, and closing her home loan quickly.

Relationships for us are extremely important. The business reasons are easily identified, but we value our client relations for authentic means. From financial advice to “do you have any recommendations were I can buy new tires for my car?”, and the list goes on. The culture at TRG® Mortgage is about advising over pricing. We receive many referrals and we’re extremely appreciative of them. The reasoning behind this process is simple; we put people first.

In a world where information is accessible at the finger tips, company and individual reputation is visible online, and lending products continue to evolve; there’s nothing better than human interactions and the personal service touch.